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Reported Crime Data Dashboard

Welcome to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) Public Crime Dashboard.

This tool allows the user to explore reported crime in and around the communities in which MCSO provides patrol services. January 1, 2016, is the earliest date crime data is available. Data is refreshed weekly.

Features, Functions, and Navigating the Tool

On the top right, there are five filters which allow the user to limit the data they see in the dashboard. They include:

  •  Start Date: The first date in the time period of interest.
  •  End Date: The last date in the time period of interest.
  •  Crime Category: Users can filter for a single crime category. By default, all Crime Categories are selected.
  •  Crime Group: Users can filter for a single crime group. By default, all Crime Groups are selected.
  •  Patrol District: Users can filter for a single patrol district/contract city. By default, all patrol districts are selected.

Reported crime totals appear above the map and include Total Crime, Person Crime, Property Crime, and Society Crime. Hover over the information icons for a definition of each crime category and its subsequent crime groups. Hover over the crime counts for a breakdown of reported crime in that category.

The List of Reported Crimes on the right side of the tool provides a running list of all reported crime within the filters the user sets forth. These are sorted chronologically, with the most recent incidents on top. The crime, date, and address block is included. Hovering over the information icon will provide a definition of the crime.

The map in the center of the tool provides a visual of MCSO's patrol areas and where crime is being reported most often. It is color coded, with green areas having the least reported incidents and red areas reflecting higher reported incident.

The Reported Crime by Month chart provides a historical view of reported crime. This allows the user to get a sense for how much crime as changed over time.