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Pathways to Employment Program

The Pathways to Employment Program (PEP) invests in an adult in custody (AIC) by preparing them for re-entry into the community. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, program managers ensure AICs leave employment-ready and have necessary life skills to navigate society.

In addition to learning to write cover letters and resumes, complete applications and enroll in employment platforms, MCSO corrections deputies and a corrections counselor help participants build confidence by learning interpersonal skills, self-care and financial management.

PEP is a collaboration between the Sheriff's Office, People Ready, SE Works, Aramark and local employers. Does your organization or business want to support the Pathways to Employment Program? Please email to learn more.

Mario's story

In this video, we follow Mario, who was one of the first AICs in the program, during his progression out of custody and into employment. Early in the program's development, we recognized that not every individual would be successful their first time. As long as an AIC has a willingness to change, like Mario, our PEP team is dedicated to continue to offering they support they need.