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Deputy Sheriff Robert Anderson

Portrait photo of Robert Anderson.
End of Watch:
Thursday, December 1, 1994
Complications related to gunfire

On March 5, 1969, Deputy Robert Anderson, then 23 years old, and Deputy Darrel Kauffman responded to a domestic disturbance call at 4638 SE 108th Place shortly after 6 p.m. Deputies took Dale Jackson into protective custody and transported him to Woodland Park Hospital for mental health evaluation. The deputies allowed a man named Alvin Mikkelsen, a friend of Jackson’s, to ride in the back of the patrol car to the hospital.

Once they pulled up to the hospital entrance, Jackson was able to gain control of Deputy Kauffman’s gun and shot Deputy Kauffman in the chest and Deputy Anderson in the back. Deputy Rodney Pietila, who was conducting follow-up inside the hospital on a separate incident, heard the shots and came running outside. He saw Jackson and Mikkelsen struggling in the back seat of the patrol car and Deputy Kauffman staggering out of the car. Deputy Pietila fired several shots through the closed rear window at Jackson, but at least one round hit Mikkelsen. Jackson was taken into custody by Deputy Pietila and Deputies Anderson and Kauffman were rushed to the hospital.

In April of 1969, Jackson was found innocent by reason of insanity by a judge and was committed to the Oregon State Hospital.

Deputy Anderson suffered a spinal cord injury and became paralyzed because of the shooting. He passed away from complications related to the shooting at the age of 49 in 1994. Deputy Anderson had only been employed by MCSO for six months when he was shot.