The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit ensures that sworn and non-sworn employees at all levels are provided with training opportunities supportive of their assignments, roles, and responsibilities. The Training Unit provides a wide range of extremely valuable training, which includes new hire orientation training and annual in-service training to refresh employee knowledge, skills and abilities. Training curriculum is developed by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit staff and is delivered to employees as efficiently as possible, including online delivery, classroom study, and practical application, which includes scenario based training.
Additionally, the Training Unit further identifies training needs for all Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office employees, although not mandated, but are essential to ensure all employees are current with relevant trends, policy updates, and recognized best practices. This training focus ensures the workforce operates at its maximum potential in an ever-changing and highly challenging environment. 
The current goals of the Training Unit ensure that each employee is well trained in current methodologies and practices. It is understood throughout the agency that a well-trained workforce is more likely to be successful in their assignments and best positioned to provide exceptional service to the community.