Court Services

Court Services Unit

The Court Services Unit of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is a multi- disciplinary team that provides a variety of public safety services to the judiciary, courthouse patrons, and the community in general. CSU has corrections and law enforcement deputies assigned to the Courthouse, the Justice Center, and the Juvenile Justice Center.  This team of professionals escort nearly 11,000 inmates to court each year.  CSU deputies take nearly 1,000 people into custody on judicial orders, warrants, and for criminal convictions. CSU works closely with their partner MCSO units to respond to alarms, requests for assistance, and any other public safety problem in and around the various court buildings.  CSU deputies pride themselves on their level of community contact and assistance. Deputies investigate crimes that occur in the courthouse, conduct threat assessments, serve civil process, and work to ensure that the courts are safe and secure. CSU also works hard to provide thorough planning, preparation, and security for contentious and potentially dangerous court proceedings.

Court Services also runs the oldest corrections facility in Multnomah County, the Courthouse Jail.  The CHJ opened with the Courthouse in 1914.  CSU manages the last alternative incarceration program in the Sheriff's Office. The TSI program offers people that have to serve a jail sentence the chance to do it incrementally.  The program allows people to engage in treatment, maintain employment, continue family and parental responsibilities, as well as serve a court ordered sanction.

 There is no typical day for a CSU deputy.  One minute they could be talking to a school group and get called to escort an inmate to court.  After that a deputy might help a disabled person navigate the congested downtown core and then respond to a panic alarm from a court room.  CSU deputies are always working to set the bar of performance higher.  CSU, raising the standard of exemplary service to another level for the community, courts, and Sheriff's Office.

Transport Unit

The Transport Unit of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is a complex unit that relies on teamwork, coordination, and safety.  The Transport Unit works with a variety of other Private, County, State and Federal agencies.  These duties include transporting homeless people to relief shelters and providing tactical support to local agencies.  The Transport Unit is based out of the Multnomah County Courthouse and is comprised of 15 deputies and 1 sergeant. The Transport Unit relies on teamwork, planning, and sound decision making to complete their daily tasks.  We are a large part of the Oregon Shuttle System, moving inmates from all around the State of Oregon.

The Transport Unit has to be coordinated with all agencies to get the right inmate, to the right place, on the right date, with the right paperwork.  We work closely with our Records Unit to make sure this is accomplished.  Coordination and efficiency leads to a great cost savings to the taxpayer.

The Transport Unit has safety in mind at all times.  We average yearly 165,351 miles and transport 65,402 inmates, all over the State of Oregon.  You have to have quality equipment to successfully accomplish these duties.  We have a total of 8 specialized transport vehicles.  Most importantly, we have outstanding people.  The Transport Unit is full of professionals that continually to strive for excellence.