MCSO’s Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Unit strives to provide the highest quality, most reliable, and cost effective Information Technology (IT) services to MCSO users. The Unit supports all IT components within the Sheriff’s Office so that all employees are positioned to provide exemplary service within their respective areas of operation, in support of MCSO’s mission to provide a safe livable community. The CJIS Unit focuses on providing over 3,000 internal and external users the best technology solutions, accurate information, and timely responses in order to consistently facilitate correct data-driven decision making.

The CJIS Unit’s scope of support includes but is not limited to desktop PCs, laptops, smart phones, servers (both physical and virtual), printers, directory services (including email, authentication and security), a secure virtual private network (VPN), mobile computer systems in the MCSO fleet (patrol cars and boats), and a number of CJIS and non-CJIS applications.

The CJIS Unit works closely with Criminal Justice partner agencies to provide their users access to MCSO applications. The MCSO CJIS Unit currently supports internal user and external partner agency user access to Sheriffs’ Warrants and Information System (SWIS), ImageWare Systems (IWS) [mugshot system] and other MCSO supported shared applications. The Unit also supports public access to MCSO data via our website at MCSO’s CJIS Unit partners with Multnomah County District Attorney IT, Multnomah County IT, and Regional Justice Information Network (RegJIN), engaging in collaborative work to benefit our agencies and our customers.

The CJIS Unit conducts thorough assessments of technology needs and recommends useful and cost-effective upgrades and/or solutions based on identified needs to support the over 1200 devices and 3000 users that they are responsible for. Given its need for availability and sustainability, the MCSO CJIS Unit operates a standalone Helpdesk which serves all users as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure continuity of operations.

The CJIS Unit supports PREA and other IT security-related policies and procedures to ensure compliance with mandated requirements. The CJIS Unit also hosts FBI audits for agency CJIS compliance and develops implementation plans for audit recommendations.