Dive Team

In addition to enforcement and rescue response, the River Patrol Unit also maintains an on-call dive team comprised of ten deputies specifically trained for specialized underwater operations. These activities are often hazardous in nature and take place in conditions of low or zero visibility, strong current and in areas thick with risk of entanglement. As a result, the dive supervisor has to take into account several factors involving safety, capabilities, risks and benefits before a decision to dive can be made. Typical reasons a dive mission is undertaken include:
  • Search for and recover drowning victims
  • Criminal evidence searches
  • Removing vehicles and other waterway obstructions
  • Light underwater salvage with lift bags
  • Underwater safety sweeps in advance of special events

To accomplish these goals, the Dive Team employ a range of technical equipment including: SCUBA,  Surface-Supplied Diving, wired and wireless communications, underwater photography and videography, side scan sonar, underwater metal detectors and a variety of lift bags.