Each of our more than 200 volunteers help MCSO to achieve its mission of providing quality cost-effective prevention, intervention and detention services to the community, while also gaining an in-depth understanding and education of the criminal justice system. We respect and value the unique contributions of community volunteers, and work to match your particular skills and interests to needed areas including, but not limited to the following:

  • Citizen's Patrol
  • Clerical Support
  • Group Facilitators- Substance Abuse Recovery Groups (AA, NA, DDA)
  • Meditation/Relaxation
  • Information Technology Services
  • Internships (Corrections, Enforcement & Business Services mainly Summer term)
  • Special Projects

Opportunities vary depending on agency needs, please contact the Volunteer Services Office for the most current openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants must consent to a thorough background check including fingerprinting, criminal history review, driving record, and personal references. All applicants must complete a personal interview and attend an orientation and training session prior to placement. A six-month commitment is required for most placements, with the exception of one year for AA/NA volunteers. Days and hours are determined by the type of placement. Below are additional access requirements:

  • Access shall be denied for any Class A: Felony convictions.
  • Incarceration for any misdemeanor within the last three years may be cause for denial of access.
  • Incarceration for any felony with the last five years may be cause for denial of access.
  • Being currently or having been, within the last three years, under the supervision of any correctional, probation, parole, custodial treatment, pre- trial or post-adjudication release program may be cause for denial of access.
  • For AA and/or NA Services, volunteers must have three years clean, two years sober.

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How to Apply
You can either fill out the online application below, or contact the MCSO Volunteer Services office by phone at 503-988-3390 or email at Volunteer Services

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Professional Access to MCSO Jail facilities

Thank you for your interest in access to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office jail system. Your services support our jail activities and offenders, and your efforts are valuable to our agency. We strive to build and increase strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial.Jail access is a process that balances both the needs of offenders, service providers and programs, with the Sheriff's Office's responsibility for public safety. Your request has a direct impact on daily jail operations and your cooperation and understanding is appreciated while moving through the Facility Access Request process. The level of access allowed to you is directly related to ensuring the most efficient and effective contact with offenders as well as providing you with the safest environment and experience possible.


Applicants must consent to a background check including a criminal history and driving record review. All jail-side applicants must attend the Safety & Security Training session prior to access.

How to Apply

Please fill out the online application below to request jail system Facility Access.

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