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A picture really is worth a thousand words.

The message is clear. Substance abuse will change your life in ways you never imagined. Using before and after photos collected from jail mug shots as the foundation for this 48-minute documentary, the authors easily make their case. The shocking images, taken over time, during the jail booking process, are alarming. The photos clearly illustrate the stark and devastating effects of substance abuse. The program features interviews with incarcerated addicts and experts who encounter the impact of substance abuse on society in their daily work—law enforcement officers, a judge, an addiction recovery specialist and a deputy medical examiner.

From Drugs to Mugs© is a drug education program designed specifically for classroom use and is a collaborative effort that would not have been possible without the input of many dedicated professionals. Special thanks to Deputy Bret King and Deputy Curtis Sanders who were responsible for research, development, and production. Revenue generated from the sale of From Drugs to Mugs© will be used to cover the costs associated with production and shipping and enable the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to continue to provide educational visits to the youth in classrooms throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Because of the graphic nature of the subject matter, we recommend this program for students 13 years of age and older.

The DVD portion of From Drugs to Mugs© mug shots represent abusers of heroin, cocaine, alcohol and methamphetamine. The DVD does not include information about which mug shot represents which drug or alcohol.

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What people are saying about From Drugs to Mugs©

"Thanks to you I have learned that anyone can and will change their life due to drugs whether it be miniscule or drastic" - Skyler, student

Powerful presentation on the negative consequences of drug use.  It does not try to preach or scare, but is grounded in reality which resonates with students.  This film will make a positive difference in the decision making process of those lucky enough to see it.  Thanks.  Look forward to more. James G. Dyal, Franklin High School Teacher

"...was interersting to me how the prisoners opened up to you and realized their problem...the pictures you showed will honestly haunt me for life: i do not want to look like that" - Courtney, student

"your presentation was very realistic and helpful for us to understand the effects of drug use. The video showed us the feelings of your jail inmates and what truly ruined their lived. The images had a deep impression for me about drugs, giving me a visual idea of myself if i use drugs" - Maryann, student

" I dont want to be known as that person, I want to be something in life. Im changing and going to do it fast." - Alexandra, student

"it was an awesome presentation"- Seth, student

"i thought it was very important how honest the inmates you interviewed were. In all honesty it surprised me. Their stories really showed me how much drugs can affect your whole life. I will continue to stay away from drugs and just try to be a normal teenager" - Ally, student

"it was interesting to see the statistics you did like none of the people in jail that did drugs got it from strangers, they got it from people they know or family. I will stay away from people who do drugs and keep myself busy" - Nikki, student

The video was viewed by Cadets and parents alike. It is very well put together and getting the statements directly from those who are incarcerated is very powerful. After the viewing no one said anything for several minutes, letting information soak in. Carol Moseley, 1st Lt. Civil Air Patrol, Aux. USAF

Bret King's Mugs-to-Drugs presentation is a crucial part of my drug prevention program at our school.  It is presented in a way that is thoughtful and caring and helps my students think about their goals and their future.  I am very thankful for this presentation and extremely impressed with MCSO commitment to drug prevention. Joe Maddocks, Jackson Middle School Teacher

"You really put doing drugs in perspective for me, and brought realization of how drugs can ruin your life. To live a drug free life, i will continue to stay focused and avoid the people going down that path" - Bri, student

"I really believe the presentation you gave us will help me stay away from drugs. It was an emotional experience seeing the lives of those that had been destroyed by meth and other drugs and I am positive i dont want my life to ever turn out like theirs had. I would like to thank you again for coming in. I feel it was an important event in my sophomore year and hope for other and future sophomores to be influenced the way i was to stay out of drugs-in the clasroom, not jail" - Jessica, student

"The "Drugs to Mugs" presentation is always a highlight for our sophomore health classes.  The presentation presents students with the concept on how using drugs can drastically alter the course of their  lives.  It is eye opening for students and reaffirms to teachers the importance of Drug education. I would recommend every school include it in their drug education unit". Mike Molony, Department Chair Health/PE, Gresham High School

"I thought it was a very influential presentation...I enjoyed hearing all the interviewed peoples' stories. Thank you again". - Britnay, student

"the video made me stop and think to myself about how my future would be if i started using drugs from this young age".- Sandra, student

"i thought your presentation was more then just educational. it really helped me realize how drugs and jail are connected. The thing I really liked about your presentation was that you hear real life stories and it helped me realize that trying drugs will never be worth it".- Rachel student

"Before watching "From Drugs to Mugs", i already had my mind set on never using drugs unless it was prescribed, but this has made my choice absolutely solid" - Vivian, student

"that presentation has impacted me a whole lot...I see all these people in the video that say they never expected to do drugs. They said they would never do them, but look where they are now" - Naomi, student

"it teaches kids what can and will happen to them if they become addicts. Seeing that film can be and is life changing. I will not ever even consider drugs." - Christina, student

"It was very surprising and shocking to see the affects of drugs...its very persuasive" - Johnathan, student

"From Drugs to Mugs" is possibly the best presentation out there today about the devastating effects of drug use. The most educational presentation we as educators have been a part of!"  Jennifer Buscher, Health Educator, David Douglas High School