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Faces of Methis a project of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. This project began when a deputy in the Corrections Division Classification Unit, Deputy Bret King, put together mug shots of persons booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. Deputy King worked with his co-workers in the Classification Unit to identify people who had been in custody more than once. He then worked to verify criminal records and files to determine and assure a history of methamphetamine related use. Deputy King also started interviewing people in custody to learn of their drug use, experiences with methamphetamine, how or if methamphetamine contributed to their criminality, and asked what they would tell young people about methamphetamine.

What Deputy King set out to do was create a realistic presentation about methamphetamine. He didn’t want to create something that made people curious about a drug nor that was a scared straight program. The idea was simple, be honest with kids, let them hear directly from the inmates, and show them what people who work on the front lines – whether it be a Corrections Deputy in the Jail, a Police Officer on the streets or a Public Health Nurse in a clinic see methamphetamine doing to people and to our communities.

The efforts of this project were first published in the Oregonian as part of their focused efforts on the methamphetamine epidemic www.oregonlive.com/ The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has provided the pictures posted in the Oregonian Faces of Methstory on December 28, 2004 to others who are involved in methamphetamine prevention and awareness efforts.

Through this web site, these photos can be downloaded and further Faces of Meth materials can be purchased.

Deputy King starts each of his presentations by saying, “I thank the men and women who, through their stories and photos, can share their experience with methamphetamine so you never have to try it yourself to know what it can do. I have seen and interviewed each of these people in jail. I hope that in seeing this you will make choices to not use methamphetamine and that I will never see you come inside my jail.”

Here are what some of the students and teachers who have viewed Deputy King's presentation have to say about Faces of Meth™

"I found your information to be incredibly valuable for our students as many of them have experience on different levels regarding this dangerous drug. It is extremely valuable to have someone as experienced as yourself come into our school and allow the youth of our community see the dangers of this drug ...You have inspired many individuals from David Douglas to help put an end to methamphetamine use worldwide, not just in our community" - Teacher

"As an educator, I research, I read and I teach about drugs, but i dont work directly with drugs and drug users. Unfortunately...i am unable to give my students firsthand information...Your presentation brought the problem of drugs back to a level that was comprehensible and realistic" - Teacher

"For most drug Speeches it seems like people exaggerate a lot, but in your presentation you kind of let the evidence speak for itself" -High school Student

" I know people who have been on Meth and those mugshots hit hard. I am never going to do Meth. It is a pressure I have been faced with but now i am even more educated" - High school Student

" I was reall bothered about how Meth effects almost everything, and you doing what you do makes we want to do something about it too. Thanks for your inspiration" - Student

" One thing that i learned was how disgusting meth, and all other illegal drugs can make your mouth and teeth, and how they hurt your body, inside and out. I really liked how you brought examples of real life cases about people who have destroyed their lives and the lives of others. I think that having this sort of thingreally makes people see it and go 'eewww, how nasty' and taking them away from the thought of even thinking about trying it" - High School Student

"Showing us...that video of those people that are major meth heads will make us kids not want to try that drug because, just looking at those peoples appearances is not how any one would want to look like, or how they act either" - Student

"Really looking at the people's faces after months of taking meth showed me so much more then some lecture would have...I loved your way of explaining things, instead of lecturing you showed specific examples and gave precise facts" - High School Student

"Thank you for putting this all together to show other people. I will never try it after watching all of those peoples' before and after shots" - Student

"It's crazy how much those people reminded me of my dad and i just found out he was an addict...It controlled his life and ruined our family. I never want to be like him and thanks to you now i never will" - Student


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